Tala Professional Services Test

Please complete the following questions.  Place your answers in the box or check the box associated with the appropriate answers in the multiple choice questions.  


Welcome to your New Hires for TALA Professional Services We here at TALA Professional Services want you to relax and don't over think. asdfjasdhlfjkashdlfjkashdfljkahsdlfjahsdlfjkahsdlfjkahsdfkljhasdlfjhasdklfjhaskldfjhaslkdjfhasljkdfhasjklfhasjdhfklajshdflkajhflkajhfdkljahsdlfkjahdf. Now lets get started!!

First/Last Name
Email Address
Contact Phone Number
2. Is Zoom a part of technology?

3. What was your first technology challenge?

4. I am able to able to manage the work given to me and not bombarded with tasks from the Team Lead.